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We're Always Seeking Diverse Talent


Client needs dictate opportunities for interns, coordinators, managers and the most experienced pros.

Are you a 'no fear' kind of media relations professional? Or are you looking for your chance to learn? We are looking for people who aren't afraid to roll their sleeves up and dig into a media database to build contact lists and cultivate the relationships our clients need. We want writers who can ask the needed questions and translate the answers with persuasive clarity. We want players who think 'big picture', but don't miss the critical details. And, we want to connect with individuals who aren't afraid of setting big goals and driving for even bigger results. Above all, we want to work with teammates who like to have fun, laugh at a good joke, but take their work seriously.


Clients and prospects increasingly prioritize the need for help with their web presence, owned content and social media channels. Their projects determine opportunities for content creators, community managers or hard-core developers.

Are you an ‘interwebs’ expert who learned the hard way or a digital native who entered the world on a smart phone? Doesn't matter to us if you understand how to generate online engagements that result in measurable conversions. We want folks who know 'likes and posts' are only noise if they aren't compelling specific actions. We look for pros focused on using their digital powers to generates sales, votes, registrations, applications or whatever desired action brings Tiny Mighty to the table.

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